MOHS [01/100]

Jarlan perez mohs 01 color

Simple colors

Jarlan perez mohs 01 mockup

Print Mock Up

Jarlan perez mohs 01 clay

Clay Pass

Jarlan perez tick 01 color close2


Jarlan perez tick 01 color close3

Birds eye view

Jarlan perez img 4033

Original concept by Rob Turpin

This is the first entry to a challenge that set out for myself. Similar to Jake Parker's Design 100 Somethings I'm looking to take on Model 100 Somethings. For this it'll mostly be small sketches from various friends and fellow artists to keep things manageable.

Guidelines set for myself.
*Model one new sketch a week in one sitting
*Simple Lighting
*Only use simple color shaders
*Have fun and explore

April 27, 2017