The Harvest

Jarlan perez harvest

Final Render

Jarlan perez doc 01

Main Color

Jarlan perez doc 02

Alternate Color

Jarlan perez doc 03

No Color with damage

Jarlan perez doc 04

No Color

One of most important times of the year for an interplanetary farmer. And this farmer, well, he's not taking any chances. His fields are guarded with D.O.C Units, short for Defense Onslaught Construct. The're built to be very swift and have no issues moving about in various terrains. The D.O.C units can be piloted which makes for a nice and safe way of transportation. They can also be unmanned, left to roam the fields. You would have to be one crazy individual to try and steal from here. But in space... crazy is never in short supply.

August 11, 2016