The Search Continues...

Jarlan perez the artifact 3

Final Composite

Jarlan perez searching

Nearing completion

Jarlan perez progress01

Unpainted Model

Jarlan perez render01

Style Exploration

Jarlan perez fullsize

Full Size Mech

Jarlan perez mech base

Design Progress

The search continues...

Unit 05 continues it's search, but what exactly is he looking for?

The top portion of the reflection is meant to be a slight metaphor or a "window" into a past time. Predominately why the top half of the reflection is a window and the bottom is of the scene it's in.

Brought some new life to an older mech of mine. Might do a few minor touches but this piece is nearly complete. I also might do a few more pieces to continue the series.

March 8, 2017