Pokemon - Ash's Room in Unreal Engine 4

Pokemon - Ash's Room in Unreal Engine 4

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In honor of the 20th year anniversary of Pokémon I decided to recreate Ash’s room in Unreal Engine 4. Watching the Sun and Moon announcement trailer really inspired me to finish this project. I owned every single one of the Gameboys that they showed in the trailer and the main reason was to play Pokémon.

There are a few things that are not in the original but I added in to pay homage. It turned out being almost a blend of multiple points in time in the series. Ash wore Red's style hat at a later point in the series so I use it instead. Good tribute to both. I tend to lean on a very detailed and mechanical style of things but in this case I stayed with a style that is similar to the show. Very simple textures with good lighting. I also went ahead and designed a user interface of what I imagined Pokedex software would look like on a pc.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
All post and editing was done in engine

March 8, 2016